Personal Project: Searching for Research

Parker, Agnes M., and Gwasg Gregynog. Wood Engravings: From XXI Welsh Gypsy Folk-Tales. Gwasg Gregynog, Newtown (Powys), 1997.

I decided to look into the Special Collection at the library to find some hidden gems on folktales. This book that I took out is so beautiful, had a pattern slip case which was mirrored on the cover, all the images above are original woodcuts. I really enjoy how they show the whole scene of the folktale in one concise image. Taking scans of these you can see how intricate and detailed they are. I also noticed the use of symbols (animals, objects etc) which the scenes are epitomised of, they all have a central point which evokes an atmosphere of storytelling.

I think when I create my own final outcome I will think about these prompts to let the viewer see that I am telling a story.

Other books that I have been investigating are below, these have been paramount in my research into how the structure of folktales differ to that of say a fairytale


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