Personal Project: Group Tutorial

As we are nearing the deadline our last group tutorial was to consider how to conclude our personal projects, a prospect that I am really looking forward to. My whole project is waited for its final outcome due to what message I’m trying to portray. My final piece has to show the layered, misconstrued nature of folktales and how they change and develop. Therefore, I want my final outcome to have an interactive aspect for the viewer/reader to consider and also the piece needs to be able to transform.

I brought my mock concertina books (that I had made as an experiment and ended up really enjoying) to the group tutorial, to see how they went down. I was advised to base my final outcome off of the concertina book style and create a “Make your own Book” kit. I really like this idea as it formulates all my aims into one solution – the kit will have the feeling of recreating and retelling a story in your own way as even the pages can be interchangeable while also being fun and interactive. Furthermore, to add to this I wanted to create a sticker book which works in conjunction to the kit therefore, the viewer can not only have control over the order of the story but also the objects and people found in it.

I’m working towards this aim starting with character design of my adventurer, I want this person to appear unisex to present the gender as completely unimportant (as it was in these stories). The character is just a vessel to help tell the story which the reader will create.

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