Summer Project Thoughts

After being briefed on our new summer project, I was pleasantly excited; I like the thought of using Quora to create instant project inspiration and challenging myself to make it work.

I came across a interesting question straight away after searching the word uncanny – ‘What is it like to have an uncanny sense of smell?’.

This question has been circulating around my head for ages, considering what it must be like to be able to smell when your food is done instantly, or know when a fire is just about to start. It’s one of those every day superpowers and it just seems so cool. I also think it will be really fun to challenge myself into visualising smell, it will demand finding an interesting and innovative solution to concluding the project.

However, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. My next steps are to create some drawings visualising smell – considering what marks and shapes I could use to create a language of smell. Also, doing some research into the nose and how we smell and how smells can be linked to memories. Furthermore, I think learning some people’s personal relationships with smell could be interesting.


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