Text and Image Workshop

For the text and image workshop I used a random word generator to create film titles. Surprisingly, the random words conjure many images and thoughts. For many I very quickly imagined what genre the films could be for instance; ‘Space Graduate’ is one of those 90s/2000s films like ‘Dude Where’s my Car?’ centered around college stoners, ‘Midnight Mother’ a ghost documentary, ‘Sin Clique’ chick flick like ‘Mean Girls’ while ‘Ego Doll’, ‘Future Report’ and ‘Heavy Steam’ are definitely cult and hipster.

  1. Space Graduate
  2. Whole Bathtub
  3. Favourable Observation
  4. Bare Orthodox
  5. Dance Pack
  6. Unlawful Cellar
  7. Heavy Steam
  8. Bus Result
  9. Future Report
  10. Midnight Mother
  11. Sin Clique
  12. Rational Core
  13. Ego Doll
  14. Federation Carve
  15. Reactor Belly
  16. Undress Residence
  17. Daughter Compact
  18. Strip Hour
  19. Fault Researcher
  20. Candidate Stereotype




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