Module Option: Lithography

Upon choosing Lithography as my module option for the term I had many hopes and expectations. I’m looking forward to devoting time to printmaking, which I enjoy thoroughly already, but haven’t had the opportunity to submerse myself in to. I’m curious to learn about the printmaking process and how to utilise it in my current Illustration practice.

During our first session we were given an induction in using the Zinc plate, the Zinc plate is a useful tool as it utilises mark making and therefore tone, texture and depth. While watching the induction I was considering how this would work in my practice, we are always encouraged to use mark making, the lithography process highlights the quality of marks and brings them to the forefront of image making. The printed quality gives a great heightened contrast but also has room for subtle and gentle marks, this has been an opportunity to consider marks and methods to include in my own print.

Also, we were introduced to how the module will run, I am eager to create a body of work which acutely responds to a process. Furthermore, it will be an opportunity to design a print and consider composition, space and depth to work with and against the process of lithography.

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