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Future Legal Mind Competition 2020

The search is on for the UK’s brightest legal talent

Talented and passionate budding lawyers are being invited to put themselves forward for the chance to be named as the country’s brightest Future Legal Mind.

The Future Legal Mind Award is a law essay competition which is now in its sixth year. Past winners of the competition, which is run by National Accident Helpline, have gone on to enjoy success in the legal industry, with several becoming barristers and solicitors.

University of Buckingham student Charley-Anne Gordon was named winner of the Future Legal Mind Award 2019. She said: “Winning the competition has given me a boost to finish my degree and take another step towards my career goal of becoming a legal academic.

“I’d encourage anyone who is passionate about pursuing a legal career to enter Future Legal Mind 2020. Writing the competition essay gave me a chance to express my passion for law and the areas which interest me most, and to show my skills and knowledge.”

The Future Legal Mind Award is open to current law students – both undergraduate and postgraduate – and to legal trainees, including apprentices, who are within the first two years of their law career.

The winner of Future Legal Mind 2020 will receive a prize package including £2,000 and a mentoring session with one of National Accident Helpline’s experienced in-house lawyers.

To enter, entrants must write an essay response to the competition question, which can be found at

Judges will review the essays and choose a shortlist of 10 entrants, who will be asked to create a smartphone video explaining why they should be named the winner. Judges will then review the videos and essays to choose their Future Legal Mind 2020.

Tom Fitzgerald, Managing Director of National Accident Helpline, said: “Every year we are more and more impressed by the quality of the entries we receive from the lawyers of tomorrow who are studying or working all over the UK.

“We are very proud of the achievements of our six Future Legal Mind winners to date and we’re looking forward to finding the country’s brightest legal talent of 2020.

Entries for Future Legal Mind 2020 must be submitted by midnight on Friday 28th February.

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Cosmo Risby • 26/10/2019

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