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Upcoming Cheese and Wine Legal Networking Event! 29th March

It’s that time of year again that everyone looks forward to – The Brighton Law Wine Tasting and Networking evening! This is a great event where students can network with legal professionals whilst enjoying a fine range of wines and cheeses! This is a great opportunity to practice your networking skills, ask questions, and get…

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Brighton Law Society Great Legal Bake: 21st February

Ever heard of the Great Legal Bake? Well it’s that time of year when all the lawyers in the land decide to give their baking skills a test in the name of charity! All the funds raised from these bake sales, including those gathered by our very own law society, will all go to support…

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Law Careers Question Time Panellist Bios

Here are some bios for the panellists who will be attending our Annual Brighton Law Careers Question Time on Tuesday 28th February! Our panellists have combined experiences in environmental, media, contract, property, commercial, public, tax, and transport law just to name a few! And have worked at a number of places, including; Linklaters LLP, Brighton…

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Free Enterprise Skills Events: February-March

If you’re a law student wanting to understand and develop business skills, get yourself along to one of these great sessions run by the fantastic Bee Purple team (the enterprise section of the Brighton Uni Careers Service). Law is just as much a business as anything else, where these skills are equally as valued and utilised…

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Top Volunteering Opportunities: February

Here are some of the great volunteering opportunities currently available in the Brighton/Sussex area! Don’t underestimate the value of extra curricular activities on your CV – THEY ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR ACADEMICS. As a student you will never have more free time than you do now so take advantage of it! And here are…

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The Annual Law Careers Question Time: 28th February

Don’t miss this year’s BBS Law Careers Question Time! Similar to BBC’s Question Time, panel members will answer a range of questions from the audience – you! This is always a popular event, and is targeted at Law undergraduates, CPE students, and those interested in a career in the legal sector. Everyone is invited to submit…

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Trump’s Energy Policy and the Paris Climate Agreement

  Donald Trump does not believe in climate change. Well actually, to be more precise, he considers it a ‘hoax’ concocted by the Chinese to undermine U.S. industry and trade. Something China has swiftly rejected, of course. To the average individual these are nothing but the ravings of a mad man; and it really isn’t the weirdest thing…

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