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Asking all the right questions; the University of Brighton Client Interviewing Competition 2015

The fourth annual Gerard Maye Legal Client Interviewing Competition was recently held at the University of Brighton. The theme, set by the Law Society was Family Partnerships. Two pairs of ‘solicitors’ Marlon Cameron and Debbie Thomas (postgraduate law students) and Chloe Chatton and Fionnuala Richardson (final year undergraduate law students), advised ‘client’ Alex Swetman on…

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University of Brighton team’s winning negotiations

Congratulations to University of Brighton law students Krishna Patel, Jaspreet Gorae, Sarah Jabir and Suzannah Pinkerton who have won the University’s annual Negotiation Competition.                                                           The four…

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Networking: A Student’s Perspective by Abigail Gillett

Networking: interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. Why is Networking important at University? Networking is a chance for students to interact with professionals; people who were once in our position and who will understand how difficult it is to achieve our aims and ambitions. Connecting with them during University,…

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