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Do Migrants have Human Rights?

This is a very controversial issue that strikes at the heart of everyone. Whenever the question ‘Do we all have human rights?’ is asked, the answer always comes ‘Yes, everyone has human rights’. When it’s then asked ‘and what about migrants?’ the answer remains ‘Yes, of course, they too have human rights, they have unlimited…

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Schmoosing my way to success…

The idea of work experience was first introduced to me during secondary school where I had fortunately also decided that the legal route was the route for me. And so the beginnings of my work experience began when I kept in contact with my interviewer from ‘Business Back to School Day’ and visited the solicitors…

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Magna Carta Essay / legal Aid

Is the Magna Carta more honoured in the breach? Three clauses of the Magna Carta are extant, remaining clauses having been repealed by more recent Acts. One of the remaining is Clause 29 which provides for the administration of justice and includes the declaration, ‘not to deny or defer to any person either justice or…

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