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Oliver Watson on teamwork and going the extra mile

Oliver Watson graduated from Brighton Business School in 2016 with a degree in Business Management with Economics. “I’m proud to be a Brighton Business School graduate because of the support system that the school offers. Final year was tough, and at times I thought that I may not graduate at all. But, with the encouraging…

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Young Eritreans are victims of poor decision making by British asylum officials

Jo Wilding, University of Brighton The Home Office has been criticised for a policy which excluded Eritrean children evicted from the Calais Jungle camp from resettlement in the UK. Documents obtained by the Public Law Project show how asylum decisions for Eritreans have been based on questionable information about conditions in the country.

If the Brexit-addicted government were a small business it wouldn’t last a year

Paul Levy, University of Brighton The march towards Brexit seems relentless. Theresa May urged people to vote to stay in the EU but she knows the political cost of rowing back back from the referendum result at this stage. When a High Court judgement appeared to put a spanner in the works, the prime minister…

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Immigrants told to leave UK face huge hike in fees to appeal decisions

Jo Wilding, University of Brighton Immigrants appealing through the courts for a right to remain in the UK will soon face a huge increase in procedural costs after the government announced fee hikes of over 500% for some types of appeal through the immigration and asylum tribunals.

White men hit hardest by the effects of unemployment

Dr Carolina Zuccotti, research fellow and Professor Jacqueline O’Reilly, Head of CROME*, recently analysed 2001 census data on 57, 385 people aged 16-19 in England and Wales to study the long-term effects of unemployment on young people of different ethnicity.

Law, neoliberalism and social protest: lessons from TTIP

Multi-disciplinary workshop – 16-17 May 2016 This multi-disciplinary workshop will take place on 16-17 May 2016 at the University of Brighton. It will be followed by a public debate on TTIP in the evening of 17 May, which is part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. The academic workshop will critically discuss the process of negotiation…

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Learning lessons from the crash: how the study of economics can move on

By Rob Hayward With economics students in Manchester in revolt and economists gathering in London to launch an alternative to the traditional teaching of economics, it is clear that there is widespread dissatisfaction with the state of the subject. Many, including the Queen, blame economists for not anticipating the financial crisis and the credit crunch….

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