Other resources

Image of a light sculpture using steel wool
‘Steel Wool’, Pixabay
  • Bournemouth University Datalabs: a project that brought together NGOs, designers and journalists to develop data aggregation, digital storytelling and visualisation workshops for addressing civic and humanitarian issues.
  • Data Carpentry: workshops designed to teach basic concepts, skills, and tools for working with data, with an explicit focus on the skills needed to conduct research in different disciplines.
  • Databasic.io: a set of tools for students, journalists, non-profit organisations and community activists to help build their data literacy. 
  • Deconstructing Data Viz (Data Culture Project): an activity to help you take apart the meaning behind a data visualisation.
  • Flowing Data: resources for exploring data visualisation yourself.
  • Gapminder Foundation: offers free training and teaching resources to gather an evidence-based view of world issues.
  • Infogram: a visualisation tool to help you create beautiful graphics from your raw data. 
  • Mirador: a tool for visually exploring complex datasets. 
  • The Data Journalism Handbook: Designed for journalist and targeted at people with no prior knowledge of data science, it offers a text-based introduction to interrogating and using data to tell stories. 
  • Visual Capitalist: a wealth of data visualisations related to global economics and politics.
  • Visualising information for Advocacy: online learning resources that accompany a companion book, exploring how to influence issues using information, design, technologies and networks. 
  • Word Counter: visualise the most commonly used words and phrases in your sample text. 
  • World Bank Open Data Essentials: The World Bank open data toolkit aims to give learners from governments and the World Bank an introduction to how to start and manage an open data initiative.