Research Team

Meet the team

Aristea Fotopoulou (PI)PI Dr Aristea Fotopoulou

Aristea Fotopoulou is Principal Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Media and Communications, University of Brighton. Her academic research focuses on social, cultural and political aspects of digital media and data-driven technologies (e.g. self-tracking, wearables, big data, AI). She has published on themes of information politics, activism and digital culture, intersectionality and queer studies, and more recently on the cultures, practices and politics of data. Her first book “Feminist activism and Digital Networks: Between Empowerment and Vulnerability” (Palgrave/MacMIllan 2017) was welcomed as “required reading in social justice classrooms”, and she is currently completing her monograph “Feminist Data Studies: big data, critique and social justice” (SAGE Publications, under contract). Between 2016-18 she served as Chair of the Digital Culture & Communication Section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA).


Dr Harriet Barratt (Researcher)

Photo of Harret Barrat

Harriet Barratt completed a PhD at the University of Sussex (funded by the CHASE/AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership), on the role and representation of medical objects in literature, psychoanalysis and material culture. During 2016-17 she was resident in the Science Museum’s Medicine team, researching objects in their extensive collections. Harriet has worked in academic publishing for Oxford University Press, communications for the European Commission, public sector bid-writing at the Sector Skills Council for the creative and cultural industries, and arts partnership development/Widening Participation for the University of Brighton’s College of Arts and Humanities. She is also a regular oral history volunteer and a member of the BSUH NHS Trust’s Onward Arts Group, helping to advise on the arts and culture programme across the Trust (see also Harriet has a book chapter on Virginia Woolf and Donald Winnicott coming out in the edited volume ‘Matters of the Mind: Materialities of Mental Ill Health and Distress’ (eds. Anna Lavis and Karin Eli, to be published by Routledge in 2020), and is also part of a collaborative team working on an interdisciplinary monograph with the project ‘Senses and Modern Health/care Environments‘, led by the University of Bristol.

Dr Elodie Marandet (Researcher)

Elodie Marandet is a qualitative researcher with interests in neoliberalism, subjectivities, governance and social policies. Her work has focused on the restructuring of the welfare state in the UK, including family and welfare-to-work policies, gender and post-compulsory education as well as aid relations and global governance. She has a PhD from Brunel University. Her work has been published in the British Educational Research Journal and Space and Polity, and she recently contributed to a volume of a Springer Major reference Work on the Geographies of Children and Young People. Elodie is a member of the consultancy network Keep Your Shoes Dirty and has worked as a tutor at the Institute of Development Studies.




Prof Bobbie Farsides (Innovation Fellowship Mentor)

Bobbie Farsides is Professor of Clinical and Biomedical Ethics, Brighton and Sussex Medical School; NICE Special Advisory Panel Member; and Board member Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority Deputy Chair Statutory Licensing Committee (HFEA). She has led public participation projects with funding from the Arts Council England for SICK! Festival 2014 and the Wellcome Trust People’s Award for SICK! Festival 2015 (Brighton & Manchester). She has been awarded a University of Brighton Community University Partnership Project (CUPP) in conjunction with the Basement Theatre Brighton to build cross county networks in arts, humanities and medicine.