The project has commissioned artists to work with members of the community and third sector organisation in order to produce creative work using health and wellbeing data.

Anna Dumitriu Anna Dumitriu

Anna Dumitriu is a British artist who works with BioArt, sculpture, installation, and digital media to explore our relationship to infectious diseases, synthetic biology, healthcare and robotics. She has an extensive international exhibition profile including ZKM, Ars Electronica Festival, BOZAR, The 6th Guangzhou Triennial, The Picasso Museum, Philadelphia Science Center, The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, LABoral, Art Laboratory Berlin, The History of Science Museum Oxford, Furtherfield London and HeK Basel. She was the 2018 President of the Science and the Arts Section of the British Science Association. Her work is held in public collections including the Science Museum London and Eden Project. She is Artist in Residence on the Modernising Medical Microbiology Project at The University of Oxford and with the National Collection of Type Cultures at Public Health England.

Caroline BeavonCaroline Beavon

Caroline Beavon is a freelance infographics and data designer/artist based in Brighton. She creates bold, bright vector images, animations and interactive tools which help organisations communicate complex ideas. With an MA in Online Journalism and 10 years as a broadcast journalist under her belt, as well as 10 years as a freelance designer, Caroline is as happy wrangling information/data into a narrative as she is working on the final visuals. She’s worked with Oxfam, Microsoft, The Department of Transport, Medecins Sans Frontiers and Nesta, and her work has appears in the Sunday Mirror, The Lancet and The Guardian datablog. Caroline is also developing an analogue art practice in collage, acrylics and watercolour. She offers in-house and public training in infographics and data design.


Kate Genevieve Vega

Kate Genevieve Vega is an artist, director, researcher and educator at creative studio

She has staged art and performance work shows nationally and internationally, most recently at Lumens London, Nimes, Brighton Digital Festival, FACT Liverpool, the touring exhibition Technology is Not Neutral and the Flux Lab Geneva in collaboration with the Affective Sciences department at Biotech Geneva.

Vega’s art is grounded in original research into touch and multi-sensory communication through her PHD at the University of Sussex. Embracing the sense that questions of mental, social and environmental ecology do not simply inform each other, but depend on each other, she works with social neuroscience to explore creative imagination and shared experience.

She is passionate about creative culture and ecology centred projects and works with networks focused on creative activism and protecting indigenous wisdom for the Vanuatu based NGO Further Arts and TransArts Alliance.

She is a trained Warm Data Lab facilitator working with open conversations on complexity to activate ecological thinking and wellbeing in communities.