Graduates 2021: Elsie Garner: Photography

I create visual work mostly based around Fourth Wave Feminism and Women’s Issues, exploring the use of text and documentary in my practice. Passionate about capturing real people and their stories.

I am very inspired by female artists and activists including Jo Spence, Judy Chicago and the Guerilla Girls.


How have you found your time at Brighton?

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying Photography at the University of Brighton. Being able to explore my practice and different mediums within art has helped me grow as a creative. I couldn’t have asked for better Technicians, Tutors or peers.


What made you choose Photography?

I wanted to study in the city of Brighton and after finishing an extended Diploma in Photography knew I wanted to pursue Fine Art/ Contextual work which the Brighton course fitted best.


What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I want to spend more time cultivating my own visual style and am also considering going into teaching Photography or Art.

The images Ill attach are from my Final Project titled ‘Take Me To The Water’.

Instagram: @_shotbyels_

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