Graduates 2021: Mia Vidamour: Design for Digital Media

It is a unique course, and through it I have met some of the most talented and creative people I know.

Please tell us a bit about your work and your influences

I’m a 2D & 3D animator/illustrator. I mainly work in the Adobe Suite and Cinema 4d, but anything I design I want to make it move – no matter what software I’m using! I love to work in bright colours with minimal and stylistic illustrations, a great inspiration for me are creative collectives like Buck, Gunner, and Vucko. They are always on the edge and pushing the edge of design and motion.

Recently my artwork has been more character focused, with my final year project being a 3D animated short revolving around one man and his mission to get to his urgent meeting with a strange twist. In my work, storytelling for me is the most important aspect. It is the most captivating part of the process for me, it grounds my illustrations and animation with meaning.


How have you found your course and time at Brighton?

I am very lucky to have studied in this course. BA Design for Digital Media explores a diverse range of digital media design. It gave me a broad, yet focused skillset in motion design, UI/UX, illustration, AR, and much more. It is a unique course, and through it I have met some of the most talented and creative people I know. It is industry focused, and the foundation and projects we’re set in it reflect this greatly. Now that I have nearly graduated and started applying for junior positions, I’m really starting to appreciate this approach.

In terms of living in Brighton, it is a super cool place to live. I really enjoyed living in Brighton while I could. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic I had to move home back to Belfast recently, but Brighton’s left its mark on me, and I will definitely be back to visit!


How did you choose your course – why did you choose to study DDM?

I found my course completely by accident! I had already applied and sent off my UCAS application to mainly fine art and graphics courses. Then I spotted DDM, read through the prospectus and thought – this is literally everything I do in my spare time!

On the last day of the 14 day grace period you’re allowed with UCAS applications, I swapped my choices around, and ran with it. A month later, I then received an invitation for an interview – flew over from Belfast to Brighton – and the rest is history!

As I mentioned, I did a lot of digital media design in my free time before university, and I had no idea that I could even make a profession out of it! During high school I was always trying to bring in After Effects or Photoshop in any way I could for my projects.


What are your plans after graduation?

As of right now, nothing is set in stone! Like most students right now my search history is backed up with LinkedIn searches and job applications. I am currently looking for a junior design/animation role, so for now it is just trying to get my foot in with the right one.

I do have a few things in the works, and I’m working on one exciting project with a client I can’t wait to reveal, so I’ll be posting updates on Instagram on that note in the next few months!

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