Sculpture by Lucy Bird

Graduates 2017: Lucy Bird

“I explore the human longing for intimate interactions, and how in the absence of them, we turn to objects.”

Hello Lucy – tell us about your work

“I work mainly with sculpture, text, and sound. In my current practice I am exploring how and if objects can be relational in both a physical and virtual reality. I examine both human-object and object-object interactions, considering if it is possible for these relationships to flow in both directions.

I often work with mass produced objects that are prosaic or mundane. I am interested in how a standardised object can be changed through the idiosyncrasies of human thought and touch. I explore the human longing for intimate interactions, and how in the absence of them, we turn to objects. A tension is created, where the work is presented with an objectivity and looks to be complete, yet has hints of an unfilled need. I am interested in the idea of latency, and moving our understanding of objects slightly away from what they should be. I find this tension and gap to be a productive space.”

Lucy Bird sculpture

What are your thoughts on the course

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Fine Art Sculpture course. One of the main things that attracted me to study at Brighton was the small size of the course. It means that you get a good studio space, lots of one-to-one contact with tutors, and that you feel part of a community. My skills as an artist have massively developed over three years through the tutorials and crits, and also through the opportunities of residencies and exhibitions that the university provides. I have felt really supported throughout the entire three years, and the tutors have given excellent personal and professional support. I would highly recommend this course.”

Presence at hand house up close

What are your plans following graduation?

“I am keen to develop a career as a professional artist. I am going to study a Fine Art Sculpture MA at the Royal College of Art. After that I hope to work as an artist, and to be a lecturer in Fine Art.”

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