Cam Bacchus

Graduates 2017: Cam Bacchus

” The work I’ve been doing this year has been to explore the detrimental effects of stress within the workplace and has aimed to alter our perceptions of stress by improving well-being in the workplace.

Hello Cam – tell us about your work

“My product is a temporary, timber structure suitable for any large corporate setting, open plan spaces in universities and perhaps even educational establishments and large corporate events. Its aim is to encourage social interaction between its occupants without the constant bombardment of technology and hand held gadgetry. One of the pavilions features is a large roof garden that spans the roof and each side of the pavilion. Over time, and the more the pavilion space that is used, the plants grow transforming this seating area into a living feature that helps oxygenate the surrounding environment.”

Cam Bacchus

What are your thoughts on the course

“The Product Design course at Brighton has surpassed my expectations over the past four years and has allowed me a platform to demonstrate my full potential. Despite the course having undergone a number of changes since I began in 2013, I believe Product Design at the University of Brighton is well on its way to becoming a finely tuned, nationally renowned design course.”

Cam Bacchus

What are your plans following graduation?

“After graduation I plan to continue the running of the Brighton Product Lab – a student led design consultancy – along with a number of colleagues until the end of the Summer. From then on I’d like to complete a few internships before starting my own design venture.”

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