Sports journalism student helps launch new book

Sports Journalism student Jack Stewart is helping author, Nathan Gokhool, launch his first book.

He is one of five students from across the University undertaking the Public Relations module, under the Bright Young Things initiative. They were matched with Nathan to work together on this strategic project.

Their strategy included creating a social media account to promote the book and attending events aimed at specific audiences. The events included Dyspraxic Me so they could engage the dyspraxic community and small business events at HSBC where they spoke to the general public.

The team are also hoping to promote at a university of Brighton event so other students can find out more about the book.

Natalie said: “I asked to work alongside Nathan as I knew a few people with dyspraxia, so it was something close to my heart.”

Natalie and Jack told us about the project:

“We are the Bright PR team and consist of account manager (Natalie), events manager (Alara) and content and digital manager (Jack).

As part of our studies we are working in a real business scenario with the client who has paid the university for our services. We are taught different strategies and theories in lectures which we are now putting into action during continuous management and development of the client and promoting their product.

“Being put into a real life business situation is invaluable practise for after we graduate. Learning to be continuously proactive, how to manage relationships with co-workers and how to target an audience are all key skills that will be used in our careers.

“Our client, Nathan Gokhool, is a first-time author who is releasing his first book Abay Finds His Way on Amazon Kindle on the 27th June. The book follows a young adult who suffers from dyspraxia and mental health issues – dyspraxia is a condition that affects motor-coordination making those diagnosed, clumsy but it can also affect the thinking process and social interactions.

“The book aims to spread awareness of the condition and also help those who suffer from it.”

Nathan said about the book: “Hopefully the reader will get a sense of confidence. Start that journey to build their self-esteem because as you start building that, things, people, jobs, situations are attracted to you.”

Find out more about Abay Finds his Way and the team’s work on Facebook.

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