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I have become more sustainably aware over the course of my three years at university through living in Brighton. Brighton has such a strong eco community which has enabled me to learn a lot about second hand fashions, plant base eating, waste reduction and self meditation. Prior to this I had false interpretation as to what healthy living was, which is actually very unsustainable. Through consumption of animal base products and looking down at charity shops as they were ‘someone elses trashy hand me downs’ I have managed to find my in what does good for our planet. Therefore I intend to respond to the mission of sustainable living through educating individuals on the small changes they can do to benefit both their lives and maintain our planets environment. My aim is to start by targeting my friends, especially the 7 girls I live with who love cheap buys from Boohoo and Missguided. At least 3 of them make a large order from a fast fashion retailer per week which is what they like to spend their disposable income on. I started to question myself due to being the age of 20 and never shopping in a cheap online retailer (boohoo, missguided, prettylittlething) which seemed to be very rare through discussions with friends and Brighton university students. Therefore my first line of discussion was why do they contribute to the fast fashion industry? Are they aware of where there clothes come from? Is it quantity over quality? What encourages them to shop at these stores? Do they think it is normal that I have never purchased anything from these stores? Do they ever shop second hand? As a base to my research I looked at what I could do to help evoke a sustainable research through fashion and wellbeing and came up with ideas surrounding educating individuals in what they purchase and the impacts it can have on our planet, animals and people. As Brighton has such a large eco community due to vegan shops and a large second hand fashion culture, reducing waste e.t.c primal focus was on this to trigger ideas in way we can attract students who love to shop in fast fashion to expand there knowledge and interest of what goes on behind closed doors.

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