Craftivism collective is a group of individuals who promote the positive changes they would like to see in the world through art. They currently have many different prejects which entail you to consider the values of creating something new or promoting something new in order for a complete final outcome. An example of this is ‘stitchable change makers’. The idea behind this is a dot to dot with a slogan that you reflect upon when you stitch. The final outcome is a line stitched image of a ‘change maker’ and how they initiated the change they made through the challenge. Therefore for individuals to appreciate the changes and benefits that go on in aid of change, a thought process needs to stem from somewhere; hence the use of stitch. Reflacting upon this within the fashion industry, a movement like this can enhance sustainable approach to fashion, as it can create consumer awareness of what it entails to produce an item of clothing which they aim to only use twice.

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