Galleries/ Exhibitons

Pitt Rivers

Pitt rivers was quite a unique experience actually! It really helped me to think about my project and percieve it from a different light. It is an archolegical and ethnographic museum that displays objects from all over the world. It was interesting to see what is viewed as valuable to those from other cultures/ times. This really brought back nostalgic memories and made me think that what I value, other people probably dont. However sharing your experiences with others through objects is exciting and may be able to help you Perceive something differently as to what you did. It was interesting to see the development of societies and cultures compared to what is seen as valuable in current day.

Another thing that really stood out to me is that the majority of objects were boxed and segregated off. I know that this is so they arent touched, although it was quite annoying as really wanted to experience all aspects of them. The textures seemed very interesting.

The items have been kept for so long, yet we are in a culture that depreciates what we have and is always looking for something better. Individuals have become more materialistic due to accessible consumption.

Questions that were shifting through my head.

Depreciation of objects/ possessions has become the norm as people always expect better. Why?

Is this due to technological advancements?

Or is this due to the way we have been brought up?

Have advancements over ruled memories and value?

The Imperial War Museum

As a spontaneous day in London I needed a break from uni work; therefore I went to the Imperial War museum. The world wars have always been of interest to me however it is not something I regularly think of. It made me really appreciate the pain in which individuals went through and how lucky we are in todays society. Walking through the first world war gallery showcased voices through weapons, uniforms, diaries,  keepsakes, film and art. It reveals stories not only of destruction, suffering and loss, but also endurance and innovation, duty, devotion and love.





V&A – Balenciaga

I was very let down with the Balenciaga exhibition








It displayed Cristobal Balenciagas couture pieces however the curation of the exhibition did not feel very fluid.





Bristol Museum

Grayson Perry


The Saatchi



White Chapel Gallery –¬†Guerrilla Girls