As sustainable fashion is such a hot topic across the industry due to organizations trying to help protect our Earth and Environment. Monki has created a global sustainability campaign which promotes only using 100% recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030. It has been created to empower consumers to lessen there impact on our planet. Alongside this they have created a video which they state that “By focusing on what consumers can do, and how Monki’s own work supports the statements made in the campaign, the band wants to empower the viewers to fee they can have an active role in the future of sustainable fashion,” With campaigns by highstreet retailers being created it shows a positive future for the sustainable mission as more brands and companies are become aware of the impacts. The powerful imagery shown below display how sustainable fashion is fun, quirky whilst remains following the brands aesthetic. Through this campaign they are showing how 95% of clothing can be a contemporary way that still appeals to there target demographic.

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