Guerrilla girls

I have started off by looking further into the Guerrilla Girls, whom are female artists that produce wear Gorilla masks in order to fight for  human rights, discrimination and ethnic bias.

Through wearing the Gorilla masks they are able to hide there identity so primal focus is on the current issues in society today. This is done through outrageous visuals; such as posters, images, stickers, videos. Therefore the the issues are at the forefront of the public eye creating a larger awareness


Last year I visited the Guerrilla Girls exhibition at the White Chapel Gallery in London.

I initially heard about the Guerrilla girls and was intrigued but the approach they took and how society reacted upon it. Therefore when visiting the exhibition I kept a footfall of the amount of people who entered the gallery and the amount of woman to men. The ratio was 9 females to 1 males for the hour I was in the gallery. At first this was just for personal interest due to Guerrilla girls being a feminist group; although the Guerrilla girls exhibition at the WhiteChapel  pin pointed that men were more likely to be granted an open gallery space in order to support the work they produce. This was very controversial considering it was done in an open gallery on there own walls.

So I questioned:

Why would men want to visit an exhibition proving how curators can be bias in the artists work they choose to be displayed in galleries?





29/09/17 – London Visit

After this weeks briefing I took it upon myself to take a trip to London today. I visited both V&A and Saatchi gallery to try and engage by focus and inspire my ideas into the new project topic ‘Activism’.


Reflecting upon attending the Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A, clearly shows how Cristobal Balenciaga is such an influential figure in the Fashion Industry today. A clear dynamic was visible across Balenciagas garments and how these have been interpreted by contemporary fashion designers today in an innovative way.


Iconoclasts – Maurizio Anzeri



To find out more information go to the Exhibition page of the blog.

AD394 – Creative Research

After todays first introduction to our new project I felt quite excited about our new research project ‘Activism’. Therefore I went away with an open mind and thought about previous exhibitions/ personal opinions on relevant topics within the topic of activism as well as Activists themselves.

Here is a couple of examples of what I thought about:


European Space Agency


Pussy Riots

Animal Rights

Anti – abortion

Religious Excommunication

Protest Emigration

Producers Boycotss

Guerrilla Girls – Went to the Exhibition Last year

Environmental Activism – Shark Hunting, Windpower Turbines

Nuclear Efforts – North Korea

From these topics I further thought about whom are activists:

Martin Luther King

Margret Fuller




Summer Break – Motivation

After a long summers break and deciding not to take a placement year I have returned to university with a much more positive and healthier mindset. After a wild first year – experiencing Brighton’s nightlife to the full, making new friends and getting to grips with the independence of living alone. I was quite unsure whether to continue with University as I felt like I wasn’t good enough in order to succeed.

Continuing on I started an emotional second year which really challenged my emotions and mental health due to living in a distressing environment over the cause of the previous year. This led me to come and go from my hometown, various different friends houses in Brighton which led onto a knock on effect with my academic studies. Therefore struggled to settle down and remain focused.

Following on from my previous experiences I took it upon myself over the summer break to think about all the positives and negatives of what I have learnt and developed at university. Focusing more on the positives an how these could be developed further I realised a placement was not for me as it may of had a strong influence in not returning to university all together.

After realising about my return I ensured I was fully prepared for my return and surrounding myself with good, positive people who influence me to crack on with work (My girl group who helped me get through second year.) Also my aim is to keep up with my gym routine as I have always been a fairly active person, going to the gym or for a long run really motivates me and allows me to have a clearer head in order for a more practical and efficient day. Drinking alcohol only at the weekends is also another big aim as I gave a very low tolerance to it therefore my ‘hangovers’ are extremely unpredictable and can leave me feeling in for a few days.

In order to succeed in the year ahead I need to remain focused on what I want to achieve and accomplish before finishing my degree.