Université of Picardie select UofB Digital Prints to create their sculptures

My colleagues, Ghislaine Vappereau and Elisabeth Piot, who are both sculptors and teachers at the University of Picardy, have chosen two designs out of a selection of images proposed to us by the Brighton College of Arts. They are : Islamic Mosque Window, by Ms Davidson, and 3D Hexagon, by Ms Lovell.

The designs are now to be printed onto fabrics, shipped to us and turned into sculptural artefacts by our students. Some of the preparatory clay models for these sculptures can be seen in this blog.

The works which were submitted to us were all very good, and the choice was difficult. My colleagues selected the designs according to two criteria : first, for the outstanding beauty of the images, then for the possibility of adapting the designs into three dimensional objects.

The Islamic Mosque Window design opens many artistic possibilities, the perspective effects of a window looking on to oriental culture. And it also bridges over French and British civilisations.Islamic_Blog




The 3D Hexagon design was the perfect cross-border collaboration design, as the hexagon is one of the well-known symbols of France, and its graphic 3D style is particularly adapted to foldings and trompe-l’oeil effects.

On behalf of the Amiens College of Arts, I would like to congratulate Ms Davidson and Ms Lovell.

Alain Corbiere, Out-of-the-Blue project coordinator at the College of Arts, Amiens.
alain.corbiere@free.fr3D hexagon_small

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