The aim of this project is to gather around the common theme of WAIDE-WOAD and BLUE, and to investigate how you make creative design decisions in collaboration and through negotiation.  Working in pairs, students in fashion, print, knit and weave will explore the above themes, guiding their design process through collaborative research and market awareness and an understanding of current trends and topical issues in design.

Against the background of today’s concerns over issues of sustainability students will examine and consider the viability of the use of waide-woad in today’s textiles and fashion industries, where the commitments to the use of natural fabrics and dyes are growing from year to year.

You will work independently within your specialist areas to complete the given briefs, whilst maintaining a continuous, close dialogue and collaborative approach to design with your partner, to produce a range of fabric and fashion design ideas which explore the use of woad and blue within todays fashion and textiles industries.

The final outcomes should be a professionally constructed, complete look with a contemporary forward thinking fashion aesthetic, using fabrics proposed and produced by the textiles designers.

You will be expected to meet regularly within your partnerships and to record your joint research and investigations, details of the meetings held, design decisions, plans and actions taken, using this project BLOG

In the spirit of cross border creative collaboration this BLOG will be accessible by our cross-channel partners, The students and staff in the Faculty of Arts at THE UNIVERSITY OF AMIENS, FRANCE who will be working on a range of creative projects which gather around the same theme of WAIDE-WOAD and BLUE.

These students will be working within  a variety of creative disciplines and it is hoped the creative and cultural exchanges made possible by the BLOG will bring new perspectives and insight on your work and the opportunity to share skills, know-how, experiences and motivations of students both sides of the channel.

The final outfits will be presented and judged on the catwalk at a GALA FASHION SHOW in June alongside exhibited work produced and curated by the students from Amiens.

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