Beyond the Blue – WOAD June 13th, 2014


WOAD Beyond the Blue, June 13th 2014

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Getting ready for the Symposium and Show 13th June

The staff and students at the University of Brighton are making final preparations for the Symposium and Show on June 13th… more to follow….

Ghislaine Vappereau’s workshop with Université of Picardie 2nd year students


Partner visit – April 5th 2014

Our French colleagues and students visited the Faculty of Art in April. This visit was a great opportunity to discuss the project success and consider the next steps in our collaboration. We enjoyed tours of the Faculty and then a visit to St Bartholomews to discuss plans for the June show and exhibition. We then all attended the University of Brighton 2nd year student’s fashion show at Coalition (FAT). The photography students from Amiens documented the day and the evening event as well as doing photo shoot of the WOAD garments to be displayed at both Gala events in June. The Université of Picardie’s students also documented the event on film and in cartoon style animations.


Print Team – Jemima Taylor & Rosie Atkinson

IMG_2614 IMG_2613 IMG_2612 IMG_2609 IMG_2607

Print Team- Sas Hadley & Hugo Snodgrass

IMG_2603 IMG_2604

Print Team – Joe Taylor and Ramona Bigwood

IMG_2601 IMG_2602

Jasmine Gandey and Sophia Cutler


Whirlpool Effect

Here is my main idea, on the picture : a rose in paper, in origami.
I just wanted to find this “whirlpool” effect in my work, but I also think that the folding is interesting, it goes from a same point, from a samtumblr_mxm1q8D4qw1rtr4bno1_1280e base.
In sculpture the idea of the finish is important, here the principle is to “roll” the edges of the flower in order that the petals look more real. I just tried to figure it out in my productions.
The clay isn’t a thing that I master easily and perfectly.
After some attempts (that I didn’t keep), I choose to go continue on this idea of a same point which turns. This is what I did during the first session, I didn’t like the result.
Then, I made a superposition of round bases of clay (for petals) that I manipulated properly.
During the drying, the clay caused some crackles: I choose not to fix that and play with that effect, to arrive at something I wanted.

The photo in the middle shows you what I finally obtained, which started to look like a rose.
With pieces of fabrics and plaster, we have to do differents things.
I dived a piece of fabric in the plaster, and I put it on a square framework.
Perrine Fournier, second year student in Visual Arts, Amiens

Mon idée principale était celle de la rose en papier, en origami. J’ai voulu retrouver cet effet tourbillonnant dans mon travail plastique, je trouve que le plié est intéressant, le fait que tout part d’un même point, d’une même base.
En sculpture l’idée de finition est importante, j’ai roulé les bords de ma rose pour qu’elle paraisse plus réelle.
L’argile n’est pas un medium que je maîtrise parfaitement, c’est pourquoi il m’a fallu effectuer plusieurs essais avant d’être convaincue.
Pendant le séchage de la terre, celle-ci s’est craquelée, j’ai choisi de jouer avec cet effet au lieu de le réparer.
Avec des morceaux de tissu et du plâtre, nous avons eu l’occasion de faire plusieurs choses. En trempant mon morceau de tissu dans du plâtre et en le posant sur une armature carrée de grillage, voici ce que j’ai obtenu.
Perrine Fournier, deuxième année d’Arts Plastiques, Amiens perrinemails@yahoo.frtumblr_mxm1q8D4qw1rtr4bno2_1280


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