Philippa journal entry, process and form, April 2016

Reflecting on our thinking so far, and on how we should record, develop and share this thinking as a team as we get deeper into our project, I have been thinking about form and format. Having pitched the Society of Artistic Research online ‘Research Catalogue’ system to Duncan and Jane as a digital platform for us to use, I found myself reaching for a sketchbook and coloured felt-tip pens as a way of pooling scraps of ideas, references, comments and diagrams of thinking. I am used to some fairly bureaucratic procedures – reports and forms, established methodologies for gathering and analysing data, set formats for journal articles – to contained and regulated forms. I have also always created diagrams and charts and visual and material systems to support these processes. The TtWL project, though, is a very different type of research again to the literary or ethnomethodological approaches I’ve tended to use before. Working into a sketchbook and physically enacting processes of collage and colour choice seems to support the transition into a different mode – but we need to find a digital method of sharing and recording our ideas too.

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