Touching the World Lightly is a practice research project based in the College of Arts and Humanities in the University of Brighton. The team of researchers comprises Duncan Bullen (http://arts.brighton.ac.uk/staff/duncan-bullen), Jane Fox (http://arts.brighton.ac.uk/staff/jane-fox) and Philippa Lyon (http://arts.brighton.ac.uk/staff/philippa-lyon).

On 8th February 2016 the project was awarded 6 months start-up funding by the Arts and Performance Practice Research Initiative in the College, through a competitive process. AAPRI proposal FINAL Bullen, Fox, Lyon 25.1.16

Initially framed as an exploration of the contemplative qualities of touch and intentionality in drawing and the idea of drawing in partnership with selected materials and landscapes, the researchers asked whether a particular approach to drawing practice could promote acceptance of the state of fragility, whilst supporting creativity and wellbeing. Could a contemplative, collaborative drawing approach support the learning and professional development of printmaking and inclusive arts students?

The focus of the research has subsequently been clarified as drawing and ‘being’, specifically, approaches to drawing as being present and making present. The project team are seeking funding to continue developing the research beyond the start-up period, with a view to exhibiting, holding workshops with gallery partners and bringing the findings back into learning and teaching approaches and to the curriculum in the College of Arts and Humanities.

We are hoping to share our work and its implications with galleries and their visitors, with students and art educators in higher and secondary education and with the drawing research community.

Wind drawing, Cuckmere valley 3rd August 2015

Jane Fox, Wind drawing, Cuckmere valley 3rd August 2015