Gordon House, Margate


These drawings are the result of two short residencies at Gordon House, Margate, UK. I was invited by Lucy Lyons to record the interior walls and floors of this soon to be renovated Grade II listed Georgian building during May and July 2018.

The drawings were made by placing layout paper cut to 30x30cm onto the uneven surfaces, and  isolating a 20cm square with a gridded window. I would then attempt to draw straight lines with pencil and ruler.  For each drawing I used the same pencil (an HB graphite stick, in a holder), the same ruler and the same size and weight of paper. Each drawing is produced in the time it takes to draw 39 horizontal lines each with a 0.5cm space between each. Each line would take approximately 3 seconds to draw, with an approximate gap of 6 seconds to reposition the ruler before the next line. Each drawing takes about 6 minutes from the first drawn line to the last.  The composition in these drawings is in the subjective choice of where to place the paper, a decision aided by the use of a view finder to frame and isolate  a particular surface. These drawings are a development of the Circus Street project from 2015 and the Breath Drawings




Horizontal Vertical
Floor boards Plaster
Plywood Brick
Hardboard Artex
Chipboard Wallpapers
Carpet Ceramic tiles
Underlay Tongue & Groove panel
Linoleum Formed plastic
Ceramic tiles Concrete


GH16 19.7.18
Ruler Drawing on paper

GH16 19.7.18

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