Electric vehicle charging

Increase of electric vehicle charging tariff from Monday 24 June 2024

The University will be increasing the tariff for charging electric vehicles on campus by £0.01/kWh to £0.40p/kWh, effective Monday 24 June 2024.

The increase is being implemented due to additional costs being incurred for the Management Information System (MIS) from the chargepoint operator.

The tariff increase will be automatically applied to the Pod Point app. ​​​​​​​

There are Electric Vehicle Charge Points (EVCPs) available for use by car-park users at Falmer, Varley Park and Eastbourne, on a paid basis. Only users with a valid parking e-permit are able to park and use the charging points. EVCPs can be found in dedicated car parking bays within University car parks and are marked with signage or floor paint. Use of EVCPs is for car park users in adherence conditions in the University’s Car Parking Policy(also outlined below).  ​​​​​​​

Contact details 

If you have any queries regarding the EVCPs or use of the car park, please contact the EFM Helpdesk.

​​​​​​​Parking restrictions 

  • University EVCPs and EVCPs on university land are available for charging all electric vehicles which require connection to a charging point, including plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • The dedicated car parking bays for EVCPs are for use of electric vehicle charging and parking only ((fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles only).
  • Use of the EVCPs and the parking bays they are in, is in accordance with the University’s Parking Permit Policy and all parking restrictions must be followed.
  • Drivers are required to pay for the vehicle charge via the Pod Point App AND any applicable parking charges. Parking is free for students.
  • At Falmer and Eastbourne where there are limited EVCPs, parking in an EVCP bay is only permissible for the duration of your vehicle charge. Once charged, vehicles must move to a normal parking bay. Availability of a car park space after charging is not guaranteed and vehicles must park in a valid space.
  • Users must not consistently use the 15-minute free charging for vehicles.

Charger details 

  • EVCPs available are Pod Point Solo or Twin chargers. All charge points are maintained by Pod Point and use, including tariff payment, is managed via the Pod Point app, available on all iOS and Android devices: https://charge.pod-point.com/.
  • Use of the charge points requires the user to sign up and download the Pod Point app https://charge.pod-point.com/.  Pod Point keep their own database of users, in accordance with GDPR and the University is satisfied with their data standards.
  • View the Pod Point Solo Charger user guide and specification including safe use instructions.
  • View the Pod Point Twin Charger user guide and specification including safe use instructions
  • If a fault arises when using a charge point, please contact Pod Point via the Pod Point app, phone: 020 7247 4114 or email: support@pod-point.com.
  • EVCP users agree to charging at their own risk, that charging availability is not guaranteed and that University charge points should not be relied on for regular charging.

Tariff/ payment 

  • All University EVCPs will charge the same tariff, regardless of location.
  • The tariff charged is 39p per kWh of electricity, inclusive of VAT (increasing to £0.40p/kWh 24/06/2024).
  • Pod Point will collect the tariff payment using the Pod Point app: https://charge.pod-point.com/ and cannot be made using cash or card.

Charge point locations

Location   EVCP type and name Number of chargers available and ports/ vehicles served  
Moulsecoomb Campus Parking Facility Pod Point Solo Chargers (view names on the Pod Point map 55 solo chargers (each charger serves 1 vehicle). 
Falmer campus upper car park Pod Point Twin charger: Boyd-Lara 1 twin charger, 2 ports (serving 2 vehicles) 
Falmer campus lower car park Pod Point Twin charger: Ralf-Fawn  1 twin charger, 2 ports (serving 2 vehicles) 
Falmer campus, Checkland/ Dallington House Pod Point Twin charger: Nash-Earl 1 twin charger, 2 ports (serving 2 vehicles) for EFM vehicles & disabled users only  
Varley Park  Pod Point Twin charger: Ewan-Isla 1 twin charger, 2 ports (serving 2 vehicles) 
Eastbourne, Queenwood library car park  Pod Point Twin charger: Ivor-Dale 1 twin charger, 2 ports (serving 2 vehicles)
Eastbourne campus Trevin Towers car parking Pod Point Twin charger: Beck-Fern 1 twin charger, 2 ports (serving 2 vehicles)

Please note additional charge points are available at Moulsecoomb, Eastbourne and City Campus for use of university fleet vehicles only and must not be used by car park users.

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