Travel during COVID-19 pandemic

The UK Government are urging everyone to consider walking and cycling before using public transport. View the online map of facilities available across our campuses for active travel (walking/ running/ cycling): http://bit.ly/UOBActiveTravelFacilities​

Walking to campus is a great way to keep fit and it produces the least amount of carbon of any form of transport. Our Brighton campuses are located within walking distance of Brighton city centre, train stations or bus stops, and the Eastbourne campus is also within walking distance of the town centre and train station.

The table below shows walking times between the campuses and town centres.

Approximate walking times between our campuses and key places


City Campus Moulsecoomb Falmer 
City Campus 30-40 minutes 1 hour 15 minutes
Moulsecoomb 30-40 minutes 40- 45 minutes
Falmer  1 hour 15 minutes 40-45 minutes


Route Walking time
Falmer Falmer campus & halls to Falmer train station 5- 10 minutes
Falmer campus & halls to Varley Park 25-30 minutes
Falmer campus & halls to Brighton & Hove City Centre 1 hour 30 minutes
Moulsecoomb Moulsecoomb campus to Moulsecoomb train station 5- 10 minutes
Moulsecoomb campus to Varley Park 30-35 minutes
Moulsecoomb campus to Phoenix Halls 25 minutes
Moulsecoomb campus to Brighton & Hove City Centre 50 minutes
Moulsecoomb campus to Moulsecoomb train station 5-10 minutes
City Campus City Campus to Phoenix Halls 10-15 minutes
City Campus to Circus Street Halls 3 minutes
City Campus to Brighton train station 10-15 minutes
City Campus to Brighton city centre 5 minutes
Eastbourne Hillbrow – Robert Dodd 10 minutes
Hillbrow to Welkin Halls 5 minutes
Darley Road to Welkin Halls 20 minutes
Welkin Halls to The Leaf Hospital 30 minutes
Welkin Halls to town centre & train station 25 minutes
Eastbourne campus to town centre & train station 20-30 minutes
Brighton and Hove City Council have also produced walking maps of our campus areas:

In Eastbourne take a look at our Active Travel Map of routes and info for travel in Eastbourne.

Postcodes maps and directions to all campuses on the university transport pages.

Keeping healthy!

Research also suggests that walking is possibly the single most effective and accessible form of physical activity. Health professionals now recommend that everyone should aim to do 30 minutes of moderate exercise (such as walking) at least five times a week.

Check out the NHS Active 10 walking campaign which aims to get more people walking. Their free Active 10 app takes away the guesswork – it shows how much brisk walking you are doing and how you can do more. It’s easy to use and helps you set your goals for the day.

You can also find a range of short walks in East Sussex on the East Sussex Health Walks web page, the Brighton and Hove City Council Sport and Activity web pages, as well as guidance on walking for health on the NHS choices web pages.

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