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Pod point at Varley Halls

Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPS) now available across our campuses

A network of electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPS) has been established across our campuses, providing facilities for vehicle charging at Falmer, Varley Park and Eastbourne. 

Brighton Energy Cooperative have partnered with the University of Brighton to install the charge points at Falmer and Varley Park, as part of the grant funded Next Generation Community Energy ProgrammeThrough the programme Brighton Energy Cooperative have gained funding to install EVCPs at sites where they have solar PV installationsto understand usage behaviour and if charge points can provide income streams for community energy projects.  

At the university, BEC have installed solar PV across a number of buildings, including at Falmer and Varley Park where they have been able to install 3 twin EVCPs, providing facilities for electric vehicle charging and enabling the University to benefit from usage data to inform ongoing facilities development. Additionally, EVCPs installed for fleet vehicles only at Eastbourne are now available for use by car-park users. 

Find out more on our EVCPS, their location, how to use them and their payment details

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Robin Coleman • 5 May 2021

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