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Module Evaluation is now open

Guidance on completing Module Evaluation (May 2024)

Take just 5 minutes to complete module evaluation - this is your opportunity to share anonymous and constructive feedback on your module teaching and content, to help us directly enhance your learning experience.

Look out for an email inviting you to fill out the survey, it will appear from an external sender  – survey is open 7 to 26 May 2024

What is module evaluation and what is it used for?

Module evaluation is the process of providing anonymous, critical and constructive feedback on your modules. Your feedback will be used by your module leaders and tutors to reflect on the delivery of the module and to make improvements.

Your feedback helps us to understand the student experience, to see what is already working well and ensure that  module content is both engaging and intellectually stimulating.
The survey is formed of 8 core questions with the option for further comment, taking around 5 minutes to complete.

How to provide effective and constructive feedback

Be respectful and don’t focus on the individual - Module evaluations should not be used to criticise individual staff members, but to talk about the learning experience. Avoid personal and emotional comments to keep feedback constructive.

Be balanced - It is important to comment on both positives and negatives – this helps us to make changes, but also to see what you think works.

Be accurate and specific - Feedback should be evidence-led and specific, not based on sweeping generalisations.

Be constructive - Feedback is most effective when it offers alternative solutions or suggestions.

Responding to your feedback

Once the survey has closed you will receive a Student Feedback Report with a summary of the results. The module team will respond to feedback via My Studies or summarised in an initial teaching session at the start of the next run of a module.

Your responses can make a real difference to both your experience of the module, and that of future students – please take the time to feedback so that your voice can be heard.


If you do not receive an evaluation request, we haven’t forgotten you – there are two evaluation points across the year, so you will be able to feedback at another point. If you have any questions, please contact the module evaluation on or speak to your module leader.

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Robin Coleman • 9 May 2024

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