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Special LGNTQ Game Jam Weekend 23-24 February

A Game Jam is an event where you are given a theme and a time limit to create a game. It can be an computer game, a mobile game or anything you think you can create in that time. For our event in honour of LGBTQ+ History we will be using a theme that can relate to this and participants will be required to make their game over the course of 48 hours.

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Why do we do it?

Game Jams are a fantastic way to give participants an idea what it is like to concept, create and hopefully ship a game in a safe environment with plenty of support. Not only does it help build portfolio, help you realise your ideas but it’s fun too!

Who organises the event?

This event has been organised by the University of Brighton in conjunction with the Brighton Game Jam Society with generous support by CSIUS, Studio Gobo, Hangar 13 and Into Games! For any students eager to get a job in the games industry this is a fantastic opportunity to network.

When will it take place?

We aim to start the morning of Saturday 23rd of February at 9am and finish 9am Monday 25th February.

Where will it take place?

We aim to host the Game Jam in the Cockcroft Building of the University of Brighton Moulsecoomb Campus, likely in the C204 room but watch any emails for a final confirmation.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any student who attends the University of Brighton! It doesn’t matter if you have coding/digital art experience, as long as you have an eagerness to try and learn there will always be a place for you. If you feel you have some experience/work in the industry feel free to contact us and we can arrange you to be present as a mentor to help the participants.

What skills should I have?

Eagerness is the first thing we’d suggest (despite not being a skill). Beyond that coding experience, artistic skills, sound design, team/project management, writing and design skills. None of these are mandatory though, if you want to be involved there will be something we can find you.

How many to a team?

As many as you want/need. Please keep in mind though some of the prizes are chosen as if you are a team of four so those will have to be split amongst yourselves appropriately.

Are there any prizes?

Yes Prizes! We have already have confirmed Amazon vouchers and more prizes on the way as well as free food for the event (pizza anyone?).

Who are our sponsors?

We are proudly sponsored by the following studios/organisations:

  • Studio Gobo
  • Hangar 13
  • Into Games
  • University of Brighton

These will be providing additionally prize support as well as much needed (and appreciated!) mentors for the event to help you shape and create your ideas.

How will it be judged?

We are organising a judging panel of industry and subject matter experts. Your game will be rated on criteria such as but not limited to design, relevance to the subject matter and style. We will announce the judging panel closer to the time. We aim to announce the results by the end of the week.

Robin Coleman • February 15, 2019

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