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Studying on campus

Studying on Moulsecoomb campus: a photo tour of my favourite study areas

I’m Katy and I’m in my final year studying media on the Moulsecoomb campus. Here are my favourite areas to get work done on campus – from editing suites to study areas and my favourite little corner of the library.

Uni study space 1: The Edit Suites

I love the practical side of my course! I was a total beginner in video production when I came to uni, but by selecting it as an optional module each year I’ve gained both production (filming) and post-production (editing) skills. I enjoy both parts, but the editing is my favourite, as that’s when I can really make the most of my creative flair.

I love combining creativity with the attention to detail necessary for editing, and enjoy the challenge of taking raw footage and turning it into something new. I’ve spent far too many hours in the editing suites painstakingly working away on scenes to get them just right, but luckily the suites are comfortable places to spend your time. They all have big Mac desktops with all the editing software you need, and additional monitors so that you can work across two screens.

They editing suites are ideal for working on your soundtracks, as they’re soundproofed padded rooms, and have a great sound system so you can locate the tiniest amount of unwanted noise in your sound and reduce it. Most of the computers around campus have editing software on them, but I definitely recommend booking an edit suite as they’re way comfier, more private, and just better set up for editing.

Plus all the staff are so lovely and helpful if you have any IT issues or need editing advice. I’ve got great memories of working on all my projects in here, it’s like having your own private editing office!

Uni study space 2: Elm House study areas

Elm House is a brand new building on the Moulsecoomb campus that just opened last year, and I had a few classes here last term. It’s a stunning building, built to resemble a corporate office space so lots of huge windows that let in lots of light, complete with friendly fake plants all over the place!

Between classes last term I enjoyed getting to know some of the study spaces around the building and the one pictured (above left) quickly became my favourite. It feels less like a school/uni because rather than typical desks there are large tables on each floor, perfect for co-working. I also liked the large tables as it meant I could lay out all my books, pens, and laptop and still have lots of space around me. The natural light and fake plants around the area make it quite calming and peaceful so it always felt like a nice space to study in.

Uni study space 3: The library (always in the corner!)

I don’t remember using the library much in my first two years at uni, but ever since third year it’s become like my second home! It’s always a struggle to focus on uni work at home, as there are just too many distractions, so I’ve been working in the library more often, especially on those bigger third year essays.

It’s a huge library with lots of different sections and levels, and I have a favourite corner that I always go to on the quiet level that overlooks the nearby park. I love that it’s surrounded by green space outside, it reminds me of home and helps me to feel calm in the chaos of essays.

During exam and deadline season they keep the library open 24 hours, and I stayed pretty late last term while working on a really difficult essay at the last minute! Whenever my concentration started to drift I’d have a little wander around, and enjoyed finding different windows to look out and daydream for a minute before getting back to the grind.

When I finally left the library after finishing my final essay of third year, I think it was around 11pm at night, I was exhausted but what a great feeling!

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Katy Ensch • 21st November 2022

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