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How to learn more effectively at uni

When becoming a university student, something I noticed straight away is there are lots of gaps in the timetable. And this is because there is a lot more scope for independent study. Whatever your course, you will be expected to do further research in your own time, and this may seem overwhelming. However, something that is really important is setting good habits for your studies.

My name is Angelica and I’m studying English Literature and Creative Writing. Here are my tips for being a more effective student:

Top 5 tips for university learning

  1. Get to know your timetable
  2. Structure your day in advance
  3. Discover the best places to study
  4. Create a healthy relationship with learning
  5. Get the right balance

Get to know your uni timetable

Your timetable will be the same throughout your first semester, so it’ll get familiar in no time. Knowing when your lectures and seminars are, and the appropriate preparation for them beforehand, is important. Lectures will normally take place in the earlier part of your week, and will help you to gather necessary information to prepare you for your seminars, where you’ll share and discuss your ideas in smaller groups.

Structure your uni day in advance

Make sure to give yourself enough time for your daily studying tasks. Set yourself realistic and achievable goals to minimise stress, and help you to stay focussed. Writing study periods into your own personal timetable can help.

Discover your favourite places to study at uni

Make your study routine interesting, perhaps by exploring some of the many wifi cafes or parks in the city and taking your studies with you. Whether you wish to study with friends so you can generate ideas, or really want to knuckle down on your own to bang out an essay, studying should never be boring or repetitive. The University of Brighton also has libraries all over the city which have secluded areas for silent study, and computers readily available to make sure you’re making the most of your time while learning independently at University.

The university has dedicated study areas such as this new space in Elm House.

Create a healthy relationship with uni learning

Although the main purpose for becoming a student at university is to study, you must notice when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and allowing yourself to take breaks is a really important skill. Also, knowing that you have an extensive support network with us here at the University of Brighton is very reassuring, as you’re never alone and there are many points of contact for you to discuss any of your worries. Lecturers, classmates and further support from people such as your Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) or Student Support and Guidance Tutor (SSGT) ensure that your learning runs as smoothly as possible.

Get the right balance between uni learning and fun

This is really important, so make sure you leave time to enjoy yourself in the city, as well as achieving your potential when learning with us. Chat to your classmates about how they’re handling certain things, or identify what helps you to relieve stress and feel good, whether it be joining one of our university gyms, going for a walk, joining a society, or letting off some steam at one of the many club nights hosted by the university.

However you choose to learn, make it your own!

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Angelica Blake-Lawson • 14th November 2022

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