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Joining a course halfway through

Joining the Sport and Exercise Science (SES) BSc course in the second year was daunting at first. Knowing I would be at a disadvantage, having missed and not learnt the fundamentals of SES in the first year, and making friends halfway through the course would be tough. I knew skipping a year may be challenging…

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5 things I wish I knew before university

Learn from me and don’t overpack!!   Prior to moving to university, I created a huge excel spreadsheet and watched plenty of YouTube videos of what to bring to university and although this is very organised. I found that I could have saved myself a lot of time unpacking and money by waiting till I got…

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Things to do in and around Eastbourne

Before university, I had never lived outside of the one town back home. Coming to a new area was exciting but I was also left feeling like I didn’t know what there was to do in the new area I’d moved to. This blog will hopefully outline some potential places for you go to and…

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