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Aerial photograph of Eastbourne pier

Top 5 things to do in and around Eastbourne

Before university, I had never lived outside of my home town. Coming to a new area was exciting but I was also left feeling that I didn’t know what there was to do in the new area. This blog will outline some potential places for you go and explore in and around Eastbourne.

1. Eastbourne beach and pier

One of the main draws of Eastbourne is its location on the south coast, with sunny weather and extensive coastline. While in Eastbourne, make sure you get down to the beach during the day to enjoy the nice weather or later on for a chilled evening. Although the Eastbourne beaches are not sandy, they still make for a nice social spot without the crowds of Brighton beach. The pier offers a good view, looking back over the length of Eastbourne.

2. The Seven Sisters

As well as being on the coast, Eastbourne is also located on the doorstep of the South Downs National Park. Eastbourne is surrounded by hills, in particular the famous Seven Sisters. Walking along these rolling cliffs will take you a few hours. However, it is something you must do while in Eastbourne if not just for the coastal views.

3. Beachy Head

As famous as the Seven Sisters are Eastbourne’s Beachy Head cliffs. If not as part of walking the Seven Sisters, it’s worth a trip up to Beachy Head to see the famous lighthouse and take in the views. Just further along the coast is Birling Gap, a sandy beach spot when the tide is out that also allows you to walk around to the Beachy Head lighthouse.

4. Tennis

Come summer, the Eastbourne International Tennis Tournament takes over the town. Big names in tennis grace the event, with cheap tickets providing an opportunity to see them in action. If not as a spectator, then the event offers work to a large number of students every year too.

5. Cafés and restaurants

If you’re not looking to leave Eastbourne, then it’s worth going for a coffee or brunch at one of the numerous coffee shops that can be found throughout the town centre. Eastbourne is also home to a number of good restaurants, both chains and individual family-run businesses. A personal favourite is “Flamenco Tapas”, serving authentic Spanish tapas.

Although famous as a retirement spot, there is still plenty for the younger generation to do in and around town. If all else fails, the social hub of Brighton is only 40 minutes away by train!

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Jack Ferguson • 27th January 2020

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