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Team work at university

How university prepares you for a career

Although I went to university without a clear pathway in mind, I chose to study Business Management with Finance and Placement Year BSc. Business Management can open doors to many jobs and I told myself that I could find my way along the course and at least get a job at the end of it.

I’m Faye and here are my tips on how to prepare for your career while at university.

Preparing for your career at uni

  1. Try different specialties
  2. Get a work placement
  3. Review job options
  4. Gain real-world skills

Try different specialties

I liked the course offered by the University of Brighton because they offer a speciality. There was also flexibility in changing the speciality as I progress – for example, economics or human resources. As various modules are available, I was able to test the waters.

I continued with my finance speciality and in both my second and final year, and I chose economic-related subjects as my optional modules. Finance was my primary speciality for two years and what I was used to and good at, so I kept this as my primary speciality. I also added economic modules because I find economics enjoyable to learn and exciting, and wanted to see if this is a specialty I could pursue.

Get a work placement

I managed to get a placement with the London Metropolitan Police Service, something I would not have been able to do without my degree. I worked on a Student Finance Placement, so I was able to put into practice what I had learned previously in my studies. I also learned much about how the Metropolitan Police Service operates and regulates finance. I also connected with other colleagues who have a wealth of experience.

Review job options

Someone recommended PWC to me during my placement year and gave me a contact form. Now I am in my final year, I am keen to apply to be in the big four accountancy firms as a consultant: PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, and EY. I have narrowed down my two career pathways from general business to finance and economics; I know that finance and economics can also work together.

Gain real-world skills

In addition to the module choices, I have found studying for this degree has also given me a chance to improve my skills applicable for every job, such as organization and time management. University has shown me that dedication, hard work, and discipline go a long way in helping meet my longer-term goals.

I feel that the University of Brighton especially prepares me for working in the real world. There is a fundamental practical element to our course. Tutors generally apply theory to real-world examples, which I find pretty exciting and invaluable for us to take into our future jobs. I am also grateful to have access to the careers services to help me on my way to applying for graduate jobs.

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Word from the uni…

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Faye Holland • 23rd November 2022

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