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Getting used to shared accommodation

Moving into shared accommodation at university can be daunting for some, however, here are some top tips based on some of the most common concerns when sharing with housemates for the first time: 1. Make an effort to get to know one another Try to organise a social activity once in a while – arrange…

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What’s the difference between a Unihome and halls of residence?

Where you decide to live for your first year of university has quite an impact on your social life. For me, I chose to live in a Unihome (a house near the campus that is managed by the university) however I also spent a lot of time at halls hanging out with people that lived there….

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Living in halls: A students survival guide

Starting university is exciting and nerve-wracking, especially for those moving away from home. You may not know anyone, and/or you may be living independently for the first time. Either way, nerves are normal; everybody feels this way.   I decided to move from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to Brighton. I had only visited Brighton once and didn’t know the…

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What was it like living in halls?

The first year of my degree was spent in student accommodation, I was based at Falmer. Living out in student halls has been one of the most challenging but gifting choices I made while at University. With the stress of starting a new course in a new city inside a new environment, it can be…

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5 things I wish I knew before university

Learn from me and don’t overpack!!   Prior to moving to university, I created a huge excel spreadsheet and watched plenty of YouTube videos of what to bring to university and although this is very organised. I found that I could have saved myself a lot of time unpacking and money by waiting till I got…

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A guide to independent living

Moving out from home and into university brings lots of new and exciting experiences. For many, moving away to university will be the first experience of living independently. This blog looks to highlight things to consider and be aware of when living independently. Food and nutrition: Gone are the days of having a hot meal…

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Things to think about when finding housing

Whilst at university, it’s easy to get caught up living in the moment and taking each day as it comes. Every year at uni flies by, but no year more so than first year. It is therefore important that by the time the summer term ends, you have all the arrangements in place for your…

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