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Is it too late to apply for university in September? No, I did it!

I changed my mind about applying to university

I didn’t intend to go to university but changed my mind in October. Brighton was open to applications and took me in with open arms. I chose economics as it was something I was interested in that had a general applicability to many dimensions. If you want to develop real life skills like accountancy, business structuring, employee psychology and identifying solutions given constraints, this course will help you do that. It’s a great course to develop frameworks for thinking.

I really enjoyed all of the modules from the first and second year

Business law or environmental economics were my favourite modules to study. I found that this course was not what I expected. Normally the expectation is you’re learning antiquated concepts at university, but this isn’t the case. Everything we learn is applicable to the current state of the economy. Many places teach theory; Brighton also equips you with actual skills useful beyond university.

The university tutors are incredible

They go above and beyond to help you, if you put in the work, show enthusiasm and ask for help when you need it. Incredibly supportive, they made the lessons a ton of fun and I’m deeply grateful for all of their help.

We’re developing skills that can be applied beyond economics

Accounting and business law are definitely valuable skills that any employer would want, as well as econometrics if you’re looking to be a financial analyst. The economics modules are important to develop models of how the economy works, some of which you can actually apply beyond economics.

University is more than just lectures

I think this is the university that teaches you things you should know. Most places teach theory, Brighton of course does that but it also equips you with actual skills that can help you in the real world.

The best thing about living independently is growing as a person

You are fully accountable for everything that you do living alone. It’s freeing to know you’re on your own in a sense, but I understand it can be overwhelming if you’re not already comfortable being somewhat independent.

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Word from the uni…

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Kanoj Vora • 18th May 2022

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