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What is it like to study Architecture at university?

Architecture includes both creativity and problem solving

Even though I studied biology, chemistry and maths at school I was always very passionate about drawing and then I discovered architecture. I researched how different countries and universities teach the course and how many technical and creative modules are in the curriculum. To my surprise, I found out that studying architecture is mostly about creativity and using pre-existing knowledge alongside researching new topics to apply into design. It reminds me much more of problem solving than anything else.

We learn about sustainability within modern architecture

While the world is facing many challenges, one of the first things you will learn in architecture is the impact of the construction industry over climate change and our CO2 footprint. Many schools around the world have adopted the approach of fighting against the climate emergency whilst designing and building. It’s a gigantic movement and we’re part of it, part of the change. Whilst in academia the solutions are easier to come up with, the trick it is to learn how to convince everyone else in the industry about how we need to change our old ways.

Explore your interests at university

You get to explore the boundaries of architecture through learning about modelling, photography, graphic design, crafts, woodworking and using computer software. It’s just about exploring, discovering your interests and finding causes that you’re passionate about. You will be working in smaller groups under a particular tutor studying design and you’ll also start discovering the theory and history behind the whole process.

Guide your learning

The structure of this course is built up like a progress tree. Over the years generic subjects will split up into more specific ones. It’s not an exam based course, it’s more of a guided-but-independent study where you’ll be graded each term.

Create your architectural ideas in the workshop

The technicians – an incredibly creative bunch of individuals – support students by helping them visualise and actually make their ideas real. The workshop has a wide variety of tools, you can do almost anything in there from working with wood, welding and working with plaster to even using film in the darkroom!

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Word from the uni…

Interested in this course? Read the full course description of our architecture degree course Architecture BA(Hons).

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Zuzanna Murzyn • 20th May 2022

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