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Which accommodation should I apply for?

Deciding where to live while at University can be a daunting and overwhelming process, especially if you’ve never lived away from home before. It’s completely normal to feel this way, and you definitely aren’t alone! I was incredibly nervous and overwhelmed despite having lived independently for 2 years before coming to university. It can be really difficult to decide which will be best. So, let me first break down the two main types of accommodation available for University of Brighton students choosing to live away from home:

1. Halls

2.  Private renting

These have different perks and pitfalls, and really it boils down to what you want out of your living situation. For example, if you prefer the quieter life then halls may not be the place you, as it can get very busy and noisy. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something very social and like to keep busy then you’ll probably really enjoy living in halls.

If you’re really stuck and don’t know where to begin, keep these two things in mind: price and location.


A great place to start is to think about what you can afford. It’s hard to know how much your budget is, particularly if you haven’t had confirmation of your student loan yet. If you’re trying to plan ahead of your confirmation, then you can use the government’s student finance calculator to get an estimate. Always try to find somewhere within your loan limit and don’t be tempted to spend what you can’t afford. I found that using my loan for rent and utilities and using money from my job for food and treats has given me a clear-cut budget, so I don’t overspend.


When I came to university, I really didn’t know Brighton at all, and this was the main deciding factor for me to go into halls. If you’re not familiar with Brighton but you don’t think halls are right for you, then do some research on the area, or chat to us ambassadors for tips about moving into uni accommodation.

Think about how far you’re willing to travel to get to your classes, and the kind of area you might like to be in. If your course is based at Falmer or Moulsecoomb but you prefer to live nearer the city centre, then go for it! You don’t have to live on the university’s doorstep if you prefer to be elsewhere. Similarly, if you prefer rolling out of bed right before your lecture then consider being close to the campus.

A final word of advice: breathe! It’s a stressful process but we all go through it at some point in our lives. If once you’re here and you’re really unhappy, then there is support available through the university to help you find something else. None of this is permanent! Ask for help and do what you feel is right for you.

Checkland building, Falmer campus

Word from the uni…

Since Amy wrote about her summer school experience the university has announced some changes for courses based at Eastbourne. From September 2024 all of our sport and health sciences courses will be based in Brighton at our Falmer campus. Find out more about our plans.

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Rachel Bulman • 9th March 2021

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