Dr Annamaria Gal, Dr Nadia Terrazzini and final year undergraduate Christopher Wignall, recently presented work at the prestigious meeting Cell Symposia: Cancer, Inflammation and Immunity in Stiges Spain. Chris’ undergraduate project work involved targeting tumour promoting macrophages in an in vitro model, blocking chemokine receptors on these macrophages that differentiated into a tumour promoting phenotype, in transmigration assays where the chemoattractant was a chemokine abundantly secreted by cancer cells.   Chris’s results complemented Dr Gal’s in vivo data which resulted in a poster titled: ‘Comparison of antitumoral and protumoral macrophage migration by targeting differentially regulated chemokine receptors.’ Chris has since completed his undergraduate studies here at the University of Brighton, and recently commenced an MSc in Translational Medicine at Kings College London.

Anyone interested in tumour associated macrophages should contact Dr Annamaria Gal.

AG 19-10.1

Chris alongside the poster

AG 19-10.2

NT, AG & CW in Stiges, Spain









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