Study name: Feedback on salivary hormone measurement system

Institutions: The Sussex Health Outcomes Research and Education in Cancer group (SHORE-C) Brighton & Sussex Medical School, the University of Brighton, and Mint Diagnostics Location: SHORE-C

Type of Study: Interview, questionnaire, focus group (patient experience)

Scientists at Mint Diagnostics are developing a system that measures cortisol (the stress hormone) in Saliva. Cortisol monitoring is not only essential in managing individual’s wellbeing but plays a crucial role in cancer management. We would like to offer the public the chance to contribute their experiences and views on the system to improve the design and the use of the system for future use. We are currently running a study to gather feedback on the prototype from 10-15 women who have had treatment for breast cancer. If you would like to take part you will be invited to use the new device, try a saliva collection tool, fill in a questionnaire regarding your experience using the device, and engage in a group discussion to give feedback about the device.

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