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Occupational Therapy and Humanistic Home Environment Designing

Audrey Yong is working on the following research projects related to home environment designing, with an emphasis on a humanistic and empathic perspective.

The word 'home', derived from the Old Norse 'heima', describes a state of being as well as a physical place... a place of intimacy, comfort and privacy.

In modern life, the home is for many of us, the last bastion of the senses; not just in providing a roof over our heads but our emotional heartland, a place where the rhythm of events is under our control and we involve all our senses to restore the delicate balance between mind and body... and to regain our equilibrium...

Ilse Crawford, The Sensual Home

A research project, interviewing occupational therapists working in the field about their knowledge, skills and experience in relation to home environment and the designing of homes. The research is being conducted collaboratively with Team Springwell, a group of experts with lifelong experience of learning disability and complex physical and mental health needs. 

This research is supported by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Research Foundation.

This case study research is being written in collaboration with Alice Harland, a clinical specialist Occupational therapist working in a Specialist Community Disability Service. The study is an exploration into the occupational therapy intervention of a complex case utilising Pentland et al.’s (2018) model of describing and defining occupational therapy practice and its complexity.

This review will collate the evidence from multi-professional literature to support the potential for occupational therapy contribution to humanistic and sensory-related home designing, using the Canadian Model of Occupational Performance (CanMOP) (Egan & Restall, 2022), as an occupational therapy lens.


Egan M and Restall G (Eds.)(2022). Promoting Occupational Participation: Collaborative Relationship-focused Occupational Therapy: 10th Canadian Occupational Therapy Guidelines. Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists.

Pentland D, Kantartzis S and Giatsi Clausen M (2018). Occupational Therapy and Complexity: Defining and Describing Practice. London: Royal College of Occupational Therapists.

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