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Sensory Activity

In June 2018 David Haines began a project with the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section - People with Learning Disabilities (RCOT-SSPLD). An Evaluation Survey was used to explore occupational therapists’ work with adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities and in particular, their use of “sensory activity”.

The findings informed two subsequent MSc Occupational Therapy student research projects and dissemination of the findings from the survey (see above powerpoint from presentation at the RCOT SS-PLD PMLD Clinical Forum Study day in October 2021) has highlighted occupational therapists’ keenness to develop and share resources related to this aspect of their work.

David is now working with colleagues from the RCOT-SSPLD PMLD Clinical Forum and two BSc Occupational Therapy students at University of Brighton on a project placement in 2022-23 academic year. On this placement, the students will be supported to develop a sensory activity resource-sharing website to be used by occupational therapists nationally.

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