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#jiscel10 message from Geoff – Theme 2 begins

November 25, 2010 by Robin Englebright   

just to remind you that Theme Two of the JISC online conference opens 
today. Theme One has closed, but is available for reading, and all 
the live sessions have been recorded and are available for viewing.

Today there are four live sessions:

09.30 Keynote: How to get your innovations adopted (and change the 
world) (Anne Miller)

11.30 Is the future mobile? (Graham Brown-Martin)

14.00 Sustaining innovation in curriculum delivery (Gus Cameron, 
Marion Manton, Phil George)

16.00 Sustaining OER innovation through collaboration and partnership 
(Simon Thomson, Andy Beggan)

And, of course, the forums are open for posting.

To login, go to:

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