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I’ll be starting my next module next week. I’m superexcited but also a little worried about next year. This year I am doing two modules (as I already have a PGCert) but next year I’m doing four modules. I’m doing really well at the moment and feel pretty good. However I am aware that next year my workload will double. I’m confident I’ll manage… but I am also aware that change is often a trigger for me. And next year is a landmark birthday and the end of my current work contract. I don’t want to sound dramatic… if anything, I’m sure my contract will be renewed or I’ll sidestep nicely into another job role… and it’s likely that my landmark birthday will be no big deal.

But I also need to be prepared. I can see a potential trigger in the not-too-distant future. I know that, even though I feel resilient now, multiple and/or overlapping changes take a lot out of me.

I am so looking forward to my next modules, and in eight months I’ll be putting in an application for an EdD! I had planned to do it in Canterbury Christ Church University but the more I’ve been writing the more I feel like I should stay with University of Brighton (and the alumni discount is looking good too).

I keep having vivid dreams about Brighton. Mostly about places in Kemptown where I first lived when I moved to Brighton, thinking about Sidewinder summer evenings with work colleagues, the old Taj (and when it was occupied and briefly had a banner outside reading Sabotaj), the superthick hot chocolates they used to do in RedRoaster (with the Lady of the Cake cakes), the Reclaim the Night ’13 (I just watched a video and cried when I saw myself in the footage), my bedsit above Bayleaf, the Laundry Centre (the cheapest laundrette and therefore – IMO the best), the flea market

… and twittens! I dream in twittens.

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