January 16

Healthy love

Everyday this week I’ll be pulling a (virtual) card from the Spirit Junkie deck and reflecting on it.

I welcome healthy loving relationships.

My partner persauded me to leave the flat today and go for a walk along the beach. On the way home we took a shortcut through town and found a little artisan local food shop open. I bought some cookies and my partner bought some jam. We came home and had toast and tea.

I realised it was 350 days until my fortieth birthday. I told my partner that it would be kinda cool if I had a job in London where I could travel on the Thames Clipper every weekday. I like boats. He didn’t know I liked boats. Then we had a half an hour discussion about whether I told him I liked boats in the past two years. I can’t believe the subject never came up until now. I mean, every time I get on a boat I sing I’m On A Boat!



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